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happy baby dad’s ‘breakfast club’

Thurs || 7:30-8:45am || inaugural session 3/7 - 4/25

8 week session || $225

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By popular demand, we have created a DADS group, the happy baby dad’s BREAKFAST CLUB, facilitated by the incredible Sarah Straton.   Please email if you’re interested in additional details or to enroll. Topics such as mindful parenting, conscious discipline, partner communication, work-life balance and many others will be covered in this group for dads of babies + toddlers!

*Please note: This is a dads only group. No little ones will attend.

**There are no "make up's" for missed groups or pro-rating sessions.  We do, however, allow a 'drop in' CLASS to be credited to your account for up to two missed groups per 8 week session.  Simply email with the date you were absent from group.  You must use the drop-in credit for a class on our weekly schedule within two months of your date of absence. 


happy baby hosts workshops with a variety of different topics geared towards parents of infants and toddlers, including expectant parents (which are detailed here). Examples include sleep, conscious discipline, the sibling workshop, etc.  All of our workshops require pre-registration and require a minimum to commence.  If a workshop is cancelled due to low enrollment, you will be refunded OR transferred to the next workshop date.  Please familiarize yourself with our cancellation policy.

the sibling workshop | sat, march 9th, 2019 3-6pm

Fee:  $150/family - babies in arms welcome

LMFT + Mindful Parenting Educator, Sophie Levy, teaches this fun, insightful and practical SIBLING workshop: HOW to prepare for + then adapt to your expanding family.  She uses mindfulness and discussion to bring voice to the concerns and questions that arise as you expand your family, learn how to navigate new parenting pathways, and support each sibling relationship as it unfolds.

This workshop aims to help second time parents navigate the sometimes tricky relationship between new siblings.  Whether you are contemplating a second child, already pregnant, or living with two children who appear to simultaneously love and hate each other, the aim of the Sibling Workshop is to arm you with interventions, based on decades of research by experts in the field, as well as incorporate reflection into parenting to help you discern between how to help your children and how to help yourselves.  

We will discuss the transitional period when the new baby comes home, the role of discipline in the sibling relationship, and the impact of punishment on siblings.  We will discuss important tools such as communication styles, self regulation, and why a knowledge of child development can help the parents in a moment of frustration.

The Sibling Workshop will also look at why incorporating conflict resolution tools helps the whole family as well as the siblings.  It is on the “low road” (Dan Seigal) that we often find ourselves parenting in ways we don’t like and conflict can generally take parents to the low road fairly quickly especially if we as parents didn't learn how to handle conflict growing up.  

Some themes for discussion will be:

  • How do I support the big feelings of my older child now that the baby is here?

  • Strategies and advice for managing more than one child

  • Building a healthy foundation for the sibling relationship

  • Effective & Respectful Limit Setting

  • Coping with BIG feeling and young rivals

  • How to encourage good feelings between siblings

  • Is my Love enough?

Space is limited so sign up now to reserve your space.  Register HERE.  $150/family (babies in arms welcome)

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conscious discipline ||

wed. feb. 20th (6 - 9pm)

Fee:  $150/family - babies in arms welcome

LMFT + Mindful Parenting Educator, Sophie Levy, teaches the fun, insightful and practical Conscious Discipline: A workshop for parents who want to guide + teach their children with empathy + understanding.  She uses mindfulness and discussion to bring voice to the concerns and questions that arise as you navigate your relationship with your children. More specifically, Conscious Discipline is a workshop that is designed to give parents the tools to parent calmly, confidently and compassionately.  So often we struggle when we are setting or holding limits with our children.  Through curriculum which covers child development, how do children communicate? parental burn out, rupture and repair, this workshop will give you the tools to help yourself and your child as you grow together.  The research in the workshop is taken from experts in the neurobiological field, early infant specialists, and child developmental psychologists.

Space is limited so sign up now to reserve your space.  Register HERE.  $150/family (babies in arms welcome)

past workshops

slumber party sleep series | date tbd 

Fee: $50/individual || $75/couple (PER workshop session) | adults only preferred

Sleep series.png

October 7th | Maternity-Newborn Sleep (ideal for maternity -5 months):  This workshop will include discussion about what to expect from newborn sleep through the first 5 months.  There will be a dialogue about how to set up healthy sleep foundations; tips and information to aid in avoiding the common sleep traps in the months to come.  **This workshop will now be combined with the Baby Sleep workshop on November 4th.  

November 4th | Baby Sleep (ideal 4 month-12 months): This workshop will include discussion about healthy sleep habits (what are they and how to create them), sleep setbacks, regressions and what to do about them.

We will also be discussing sleep training – is it really necessary and if so when is it appropriate? And, the MANY options!

December 2nd | Toddler Sleep (ideal for 12 months-3 years): This workshop will include discussion about common sleep struggles with toddlers, crib to bed and nap transition, sleep resistance, how development effects sleep and more!

The approach in this workshop is holistic, taking all elements of the infant and caregiver’s experience and needs into account.  You will learn what is typical, what would be considered atypical and be presented with sleep education that will support family sleep.

Questions and answers will be taken throughout the workshop as time allows.

Please note that not all sleep issues can be resolved in a workshop setting.  In these cases, it is recommended that a private consult be booked, discounts will be offered to those attending the workshop.

Light Refreshments will be served!   Make this stop your first for a “Mom’s Night Out” or “Date Night” with your partner!

(This is preferably an adult only workshop.)

About our host

Justine ONeill is a Certified Holistic Infant and Child Sleep Consultant with a practice based in Los Angeles. She works with private clients in the US and Canada and regularly leads sleep education forums throughout her community. She is passionate about approaching sleep holistically, does not believe that one size fits all when it comes to sleep solutions and insists that a sense of humor is your best asset in parenting! Justine is also a mother of two rambunctious boys that are highly skilled in the art of potty humor and spilling juice on freshly mopped floors.


cesarean recovery workshop | future dates tbd

Fee:  $40/individual

A workshop for any woman who has experienced one or more cesarean births and desire to move through any feelings of grief, fear, lack or pain.

  • be a part of a safe space to share your birth story

  • experience wholeness

  • gain tools for sitting in + moving through healing from birth

  • learn scar tissue care methods