happy baby hosts workshops with a variety of different topics geared towards parents of infants and toddlers, including expectant parents (which are detailed here). Examples include infant CPR, prenatal yoga for couples, expanding families, etc.  All of our workshops require pre-registration and require a minimum to commence.  If a workshop is cancelled due to low enrollment, you will be refunded OR transferred to the next workshop date.  Please familiarize yourself with our cancellation policy.

expanding families : parenting more than one | august 12th (2:30 - 5:30pm)

Fee:  $150/family - babies in arms welcome

Parenting Guru and Mommy Gretchen Goddard teaches this fun, insightful and practical workshop. She uses mindfulness and discussion to bring voice to the concerns and questions that arise as you expand your family, learn how to navigate new parenting pathways, and support each sibling relationship as it unfolds.

Some themes for discussion will be:

  • How do I support the big feelings of my older child now that the baby is here?
  • Strategies and advice for managing more than one child
  • Building a healthy foundation for the sibling relationship
  • Effective & Respectful Limit Setting
  • Coping with BIG feeling and young rivals
  • How to encourage good feelings between siblings
  • Is my Love enough?

Join Gretchen for an enlightening and empowering workshop!

Gretchen Goddard, CIMI, CCBE, AHPE is certified to teach the Attachment Parenting thru Attachment Parenting International. Gretchen is also a Parent Coach, Certified Infant Massage Instructor, Childbirth Educator, Co-founder of The Sanctuary New Family Foundation and most importantly, the mother of three. Formally, the Director of The Sanctuary Birth & Family Wellness Center, Gretchen has been educating parents for the past 9 + years. All of her work with families is an extension of her passion and motivation to make a difference in the realm of infant care and the parent-child relationship.

Space is limited so sign up now to reserve your space.  Register HERE.  $150/family (babies in arms welcome)

mindful sleep - parenting workshop | aug. 27th (1:30 - 3:30pm)

Fee: $45/individual || $60/couple (PER workshop session) | pre-walkers welcome

Many parents believe that it is normal for a child not to sleep during their first years. They come to accept that their lives will be sleepless and unpredictable. This does not need to be true! What is true, however, is that many children may have difficulty unless they are taught how to sleep. Child sleep consultant + workshop facilitator, Sasha Hawkes, believes that children need to be taught in a loving, nurturing and therapeutic environment that never allows them to cry alone. This is all part of creating a safe and predictable home for your child.

This workshop will talk about common sleep challenges and will teach parents how to help their child learn how to calm and soothe through gentle, mindful techniques. We will be focusing on children ages 0-4 years and will cover mindful approaches to sleep without leaving them alone to cry. We will also have time to answer your burning sleep questions.  When you leave you will have a better idea about children's sleep, as well as a plan for how to move forward and implement certain techniques that work for your family.

upcoming workshops

simple self-care + balance for busy moms | dates TBD

Fee: $50/individual

This upcoming workshop will offer the space to explore expansion of possibilities to experience more ease, grace and joy to live as your fullest expressions of yourself! 

Often times as moms, we can juggle so many schedules and so many activities that we often neglect the most important person-- OURSELVES! 

During our time, we will learn how to love our days rather than dread them. We will be reminded how amazing, powerful, gentle, warm, compassionate, loving, beautiful and strong we are! And how we truly can have and do it all!

We will look at aspects of our lives such as spiritual, emotional, physical, relations, work/career, and finances and create a plan that works for YOU to experience more joy and balance in ALL areas. 

We will: 

  • Define + visualize what self care, balance, and self worth means on an individual level.
  • Evaluate time you currently spend on nourishing your spiritual practice, health and wellness, finances, and relationships.
  • Use self inquiry, movement, and community to help YOU decide what's most important to YOU and how you wish to spend your time each day, week, month and year.  
  • Create an individual, realistic plan to put into IMMEDIATE action leaving you feeling luscious, grounded, and balanced.
  • Stay further connected, even AFTER the sessions have completed via Facebook group for added support and accountability.

This workshop meets for 2 hours and includes a 20% discount on ALL future private consultations/sessions with Nicole!!!  

awaken your core to wellness // 4 week class series

dates TBd

Fee: $100/person

As a certified Elemental Body™ Method Practitioner, I am beyond excited to bring you this amazing, gentle, holistic approach that supports women with:

  • closing diastasis recti (abdominal wall separation) 
  • reducing "baby belly" 
  • improving back pain 
  • gaining full body strength 
  • increasing core stability 
  • strengthening pelvic floor muscles 
  • reducing incontinence 
  • assisting with prolapse 
  • increasing libido 
  • increasing sexuality and 
  • increasing confidence 

Our core is much more than our abdominal muscles.  Whether we've had emotional or physical trauma, born children and tend to their varying needs, sit at a computer, use a mobile device, or are not on point with our nutritional needs and gut health, our core could probably could use some attention and support.  

This 5 class series will cover:

  • Redefining Our Core
  • Diastasis Recti: What Is It and Do I Have It?  
  • The Emotions of Our Core
  • Breath and Visualization
  • How Our Eating Habits Contribute to Our Wellness 
  • Specific Exercise Toward Healing

Using breath work and visualization as the foundation of healing, we will also use elements of yoga, fitness and therapeutic practices. We will focus on the whole person for healing and long term wellness, creating space for you to reconnect with your new self to leave you feeling stronger and empowered. This series will offer communal, continual support in between meeting dates via Facebook group, handouts and videos, and 20% discount to private individualized sessions with Nicole for more focused work.

Although we love your children, we ask that you arrange for childcare during these sessions to enable you to get the most out of your healing experience.

meditation for mamas || dates TBd

Meditation for Mamas™, an introduction to meditation for busy moms workshop

Fee: $50/person (children welcome)

Being a mama is an incredibly miraculous and unique experience, and woven within those magical and beautiful moments, parenthood can often feel daunting, frustrating, exhausting and sometimes discouraging. We are constantly having to reinvent ourselves, our routine, and give of ourselves so we often feel stressed and depleted.

In this 2-hour long course, we'll learn FOUR indispensable Kundalini meditations that we can use as tools to consciously transform our energy so that we may navigate the rough moments of the everyday with grace and awareness. We'll learn to inspire, uplift and empower ourselves so we remain vital, and fulfilled instead of constantly feeling tired, anxious, stressed and stuck.

About the Instructor: Isabel Barreto is a mother of two (Lua, 3 and Jonas, 10 months) and has been teaching Kundalini Yoga and Meditation as taught by Yogi Bhajan, PhD since 2005. When she conceived her first child in 2012, she found herself relying on Kundalini yoga and meditation more than ever as a tool to navigate the unknown territory of being a new parent throughout pregnancy, birth and into motherhood. Since her second child arrived, Isabel has made it her mission to teach meditation to all new mamas so they can thrive through the first years of motherhood instead of just survive them.

understanding our moon cycle + eliminating PMS naturally | 2017 date tbd

cesarean recovery workshop | future dates tbd

Fee:  $40/individual

A workshop for any woman who has experienced one or more cesarean births and desire to move through any feelings of grief, fear, lack or pain.

~ be a part of a safe space to share your birth story

~ experience wholeness

~ gain tools for sitting in + moving through healing from birth

~ learn scar tissue care methods