happy baby classes

We know that when it comes to yoga + wellness, one size does not fit all.  Because of this, we’ve worked hard at creating a list of services that offers something for everyone.  From our yoga classes to our support groups, we offer a variety of styles, and times so that stay-at-home parents and working parents can enjoy our services.  



happy baby's prenatal classes include a range of yoga + dance for pregnant mamas wanting to build strength and flexibility to help their bodies and minds prepare for labor + delivery.   we offer a strong vinyasa flow yoga class + a prenatal (or postnatal) dance class for mamas who want to sweat; a gentle yoga flow for mamas looking for some exercise but who need something a little more mellow; and a restorative kundalini yoga practice for mamas wanting to focus more on the mindful + spiritual component of preparing for childbirth + motherhood.


Our "mama workout series," including yoga, pilates, cardio, dance, and bootcamp classes for mamas who are ready to restore their core safely + get back into their workout routine; a special postnatal yoga class designed to nourish + ease all the discomforts + body challenges that come from childbirth + carrying your baby; and our baby + me yoga class, which combines yoga + play to strengthen your body and the bond between you + your baby (daddies + other caregivers welcome).

toddlers | preschool (14 mos. - 4 y.o.)

These playful classes introduce children to age-appropriate yoga and dance sequences (often through engaging songs and stories), as well as breathing and relaxation techniques, while helping to strengthen coordination and flexibility, build body awareness and inspire confidence. The younger children begin their practice with the parent or caregiver and then beginning around age three, children begin to develop their own practice and take classes without an adult.  Our ballet classes with Dance With Miss Alice are a wonderful (low-pressure!) introduction to the art of ballet, while also incorporating yoga fundamentals.  

kids (3 y.o. +)

Yoga helps children thrive in a non-competitive space.  Benefits of yoga for children include increased strength,  flexibility + coordination, ability to concentrate, body awareness + self-confidence, and less stress.  Yoga With Jules classes offer these benefits, but classes are very active, which helps to engage kids in a playful, high-energy way.  We also frequently offer special class series geared towards specific age groups, such as our popular Shine On Sisterhood Series, Mother-Daughter + Parent-Son Partner Yoga classes.  Rounding out our yoga classes is our fun-for-all FAMILY yoga class.  This all-ages class is a wonderful way to bring the family together + model healthy habits while having fun with silly, partner/group poses that are guaranteed to engage both parent(s) and child(ren).

music classes

happy baby offers interactive music classes for infants through preschoolers.  Once again, each of our classes offers something a little different.  Baila Baila (Spanish) offers early exposure to another language through song + dance.  All of our music classes are fun classes for parent/caregiver and child to experience songs, instruments, and dancing together.  Our happy baby jam session uses puppets, as well as instruments + songs to introduce children to music fundamentals, such as notes + rhythms.  Kids will be introduced to a new instrument every week. This is a great class for those parents wanting their children to begin to learn music before formal lessons begin.