prenatal yoga w/ samantha

sun. 9:30am

Sam's prenatal vinyasa yoga gives you all the tools to make your pregnancy journey the best it can be. Designed to both nurture and challenge you, this class actively prepares women for the marathon event of childbirth, while helping them discover the power and inner strength needed during this transformative period in their lives.  Traditional flow sequences are modified for the unique needs of pregnant women and specific breathing, as well as relaxation techniques, are incorporated to help restore + energize the body.  The pace of the class varies each week depending on the experience + energy levels of the expectant mamas in attendance. 

prenatal yoga w/ jessica b.

tues. 7:30pm 

Join Jess' prenatal yoga class to learn appropriate yoga poses and modifications for safely strengthening the body and mind during (all stages of) pregnancy. Enter a serene and nurturing environment created to allow you to stretch and strengthen muscles, energize the body, and relieve stress and anxiety. This class will help to soothe the common discomforts of pregnancy and develop proper breathing and relaxation techniques, which are great tools to have during labor and the postpartum period.  This class focuses on a connection to yourself and your growing baby

I attended Khefri’s pregnancy yoga from about 14 weeks until I delivered. I really enjoyed her class because it was peaceful and meditative. It really allowed me to spend some time focusing on myself and my baby. Time that was hard to come by when also caring for my 2 year old son. This class really changed me. It put me in touch with my body and allowed me to find an inner strength I didn’t know I had. As the class progressed I became more and more committed to my goal of an unmedicated birth. I had a traumatic first birth experience so I really didn’t think I could achieve my goal. But Khefri and this class taught me that I was strong and capable of achieving anything I set my mind to.
— Marisa T.

prenatal yoga w/ khefri

wed. 10am

Khefri’s Pregnancy Goddess Yoga class brings you prenatal yoga preparation for an empowered pregnancy + birth. Not just a yoga class, the studio becomes a sacred women’s circle exploring holistic + evidence-based birth education, spiral womb wisdom, and intuitive communication with your baby. This unique class features kundalini yoga (rhythmic movements along with deep stretches + breathing techniques), meditation, and mantra to nurture the mind, body, and spirit, as well as childbirth education and the Khefri Method of Sensual Birth from this experienced pre/postpartum doula.

prenatal yoga w/ patricia a.

thurs. 7:00pm 

A pregnancy yoga class with foundations in kundalini, which uses breath, movement, mantra + meditation to nurture the mind, body + spirit. Kundalini yoga, known as the yoga of awareness, is a fast + effective way to clear the mind, energize the body + uplift the spirit.  This prenatal kundalini practice incorporates rhythmic movements in conjunction with deep stretches + breathing techniques, specifically modified for the mama-to-be.

dancing for birth w/ nicole

tuesdays in march | 3/6, 3/13, 3/20, 3/27 | 3:30 - 5pm

Our Dancing For Birth series offers feel good prenatal fitness inspired by world dances such as Belly, West African, Latin, Caribbean + Hip Hop! It also incorporates yoga and dance stretches effective for this sacred time, as well as relaxation + breathing techniques. Be prepared to feel challenged yet relaxed + uplifted in this class that helps you stay fit and prepare for an empowering birth experience. Birth + parenthood can be like a marathon and this prenatal movement class will help you become stronger, more agile, and more at ease. 

This class is designed to teach your body many of the best natural positions for birth and help you feel comfortable using them. Using birthing and parenting wisdom ~ which can include a review of ideal birthing positions and natural pain coping techniques, and tuning in to your body and baby ~ you will build your confidence in your own abilities and experiences. The prenatal class also covers childbirth education topics such as fetal positioning, stages of labor, pain management + more.

This class creates a space for collective support while having fun and celebrating the beauty of womanhood! No previous dance experience necessary. All levels welcome! 

Looking into the floor-to-ceiling mirrors, I saw me and a room full of other very pregnant women. It was a sight to see. Our hair in pony tails, our round hips squeezed into yoga pants. We rested our hands on our pregnant bellies, shifted our feet nervously, asking ourselves, “Was this a good idea? Do I really need to see this new, awkward body of mine trying to move in coordinated steps?”

The tiny, former professional dance instructor turned on the music and started to move. We followed. We salsa’ed, we hip hopped, we did routines across the floor. Immediately, our faces were red and sweaty, our bellies swinging left and right, up and down, around and around in “sexy” hip circles. Deep dips in second position. Clumsy footwork. We shimmied our newly-enlarged chests to the beat—five, six, seven, eight. We clasped hands and did swing moves, our bellies almost touching, our ponytails swishing.

Looking at ourselves and each other, we giggled. Like dance class when we were little girls, there was no competition between us, no expectation of greatness. Just pure joy in moving our bodies. Our new, awkward ones. Silly girls about to be silly moms. What a beautiful sight.
— Sarah L.