In addition to several prenatal yoga and dance classes, happy baby offers a variety of workshops, birth classes, special programming, and resources to meet the needs of expectant parents in El Segundo and its neighboring communities.  Pregnancy is both an exciting and emotional time, especially for first-time parents.  happy baby’s expectant parent workshops help participants navigate this crazy new world of products, breastfeeding, diapering, swaddling, infant safety, etc. through expert-led seminars and trainings.

Our pregnancy-related services begin even before conception through our network of fertility support resources, including yoga and essential oil workshops designed to improve fertility.  

Check back frequently for the most current information on upcoming pregnancy-related programming and email with any questions or specific requests.

Pre-registration is required for all workshops and a minimum of individuals/couples is required for workshop to commence.  If workshop is cancelled, you will be refunded your registration fee or transferred to the next date.  Please familiarize yourself with our cancellation policy for workshops.  

childbirth preparation course | 6 weeks

conscious childbirth + postpartum preparation

mar. 29th - may 3rd || wed. 6:30 - 9pm

($400/couple *Early bird registration: $360 by 1/20*)

lauren french hoy, midwife | madreluzLA

A weekly community circle for 6 weeks about pregnancy, birth, postpartum, breastfeeding and your journey towards conscious parenting. The education is based on evidence based medicine, traditional medicine and experience. The goal of this class is that you enjoy your pregnancy, connect with other like-minded parents and prepare for a smooth, supported birth, postpartum and lactation.

The class is for all pregnant mamas and their support person (partner, mother, sister, friend, etc) This class includes:

  • Group discussion and a space to ask questions
  • Tips for optimal pregnancy health
  • Learning the natural processes of your body during labor
  • Pain coping techniques and breathing, the emotional side of labor
  • Childbirth education – how to prepare, what does labor look like, how do I avoid unnecessary interventions, positions and rebozo movement
  • Facts about typical medical interventions such as epidural, cesarean section and induction.
  • Chance to start to learn your own baby’s position and hear heartbeat
  • Safe space for expressing doubts, processing fears, and empowerment
  • What you need for a supportive, healthy postpartum
  • Learn the basics of breastfeeding
  • What to expect in the first month

Space is limited + pre-registration is a MUST

Facilitated by Lauren French Hoy, a licensed professional midwife and owner of midwifery practice madreluzLA, graduated from Bastyr University with a Masters of Science in Midwifery.


prenatal workshops  

These individual workshop sessions are designed to inform + prepare the expectant couple for childbirth + parenthood.  Regardless of your "birth plan" or vision, and even if you don't have one whatsoever, we believe in the importance of having an EMPOWERED pregnancy + birth experience, which means being informed so that you can advocate for yourself + the little life you are creating.   Our prenatal workshop + childbirth preparation facilitators are tremendous prenatal resources with decades of experience to share with you.  Pricing is per couple, as we strongly encourage both parents to attend each workshop.  

infant CPr + baby safety

mar. 22nd | may 17th (6 - 9pm)

ziva halpert, CPR + first aid training specialist // lani harrison, certified child passenger safety technician


infant CPR + baby safety.png

Your Infant CPR + First Aid instructor, Ziva Halpert, is the founder of A Plus CPR 4 Less. She has been certified in FirstAid and CPR since she was 14 years old and, as a healthcare provider, renews her certification every two years.  Having lost her (young + healthy) mother to sudden cardiac arrest, Ziva made it her mission to equip others with the FirstAid and CPR skills that she believes could have saved her mother's life.  She is passionate + dedicated to helping people become prepared to respond should they ever need to administer care in a life-threatening situation. Her clients include gyms, yoga + pilates studios, private schools, corporations, healthcare facilities, as well as private individuals/families.

Your Certified Car Seat + Child Passenger Safety Technician, Lani Harrison, regularly engages in private consultations with parents/caregivers in the Los Angeles area (West Side | San Fernando Valley | South Bay) teaching them how to install their car seat(s) and harness their babies/children in them correctly.  Additionally, she serves on the administrative team of one of the leading car seat website, Car Seats for the Littles, where she answers questions and writes feature articles.  She currently resides on the West Side with her husband and their two children.

Space is limited + pre-registration is a MUST

couples yoga birth prep

mar. 17th | may 19th (6 - 9pm)

khefri riley, cd, clec, cpyt


Join other expectant parents for an educational and inspiring time preparing for your new baby’s birth and to celebrate your family-to-be. The presence and support of a woman's partner is a powerful aid to labor and delivery.  Dedicated practice of relaxation, positioning, and breathing can make all the difference to your birth experience. Through effective mind/body techniques, this workshop will give parents the power to create a loving and calm childbirth experience.

With informational support, yoga, music, and meditation this workshop will cover:

  • Emotional and physical support techniques for couples;
  • Comfort measures for labor;
  • Deep relaxation, hypnotic release, breathing, and movement techniques;
  • Visualization and meditation for pregnancy and birth;
  • Yoga positions and breathing for labor and birth;
  • Bonding between parents and unborn child.

This workshop is a perfect complement to your hospital childbirth education series and is recommended anytime during either the second and third trimesters of pregnancy. Prior yoga experience is not necessary and beginners to yoga are welcome.

Space is limited + pre-registration is a MUST

Your facilitator, Khefri Riley, has supported hundreds of women as one of Los Angeles's premiere birth doulas. She has a thriving private practice as a prenatal yoga instructor, post-partum doula, certified lactation educator and childbirth educator. Khefri's foray into the world of babies and families has it's inspiration from her paternal great-grandmother, a renowned Cherokee midwife.  Her infant classes have been featured in People Magazine, NBC and on Fox Ch. 11 News. She loves to help women prepare for birth, seek empowered birth experiences and recover holistically in the post-partum period.

maximizing maternity leave benefits + the law

mar. 8th | may 10th (6:30 - 8pm)

saba zafar, esq | playa law firm


Did you know that, under California State Law, you may be entitled to FOUR weeks of PAID LEAVE during your pregnancy??!

For any + all working mamas-to-be who would like to better understand their maternity leave benefits + employee rights in the workplace both pre + postnatal.  Seasoned labor + employment attorney, Saba Zafar, will help you + your partner decode, as well as MAXIMIZE, your maternity + parental leave benefits under federal + state law, in conjunction with the specific benefits/policies in place through your employer.  More specifically, the workshop will cover the following topics:

  • Pregnancy Disability Rights || When are you entitled to reasonable accommodations.
  • How to Handle Pregnancy Discrimination || What are some red flags + how to address them with your employer, while protecting your rights. 
  • Right to Maternity/Parental Leave -- For BOTH Parents || FMLA / CFRA / PDL
  • Workplace Rights After Returning from Leave
  • State Disability Benefits
  • AND MORE . . . 

breastfeeding plus new mother comfort measures

2017 dates tbd (6 - 8:30pm)

Breastfeeding can seem like a mystery. The act of feeding your child can be wonderful but challenging at times, when the initial hurdles and learning curves are present. This class is an introduction to the most important things to be aware of before beginning to breastfeed and helpful pointers on the initial postpartum period. Partners are strongly encouraged to attend. You will learn how to get started, what to expect in those first weeks home, and where to get support. You will also gain a cozy confidence in knowing how the postpartum experience unfolds when you return home with your new baby.

This class will cover:

  • The Science of Breastmilk, Basic Anatomy and Physiology;
  • Positioning + Latch Demonstration and Practice;
  • Common Myths, Advantages, Concerns + Solutions;
  • Your Breastfeeding Plan;
  • Tips + Strategies for Emotional + Physical Comfort After Birth;
  • Support Systems + Resources.

Space is limited + pre-registration is a MUST

Email to be placed on a notification list for upcoming workshop date(s).

newborn care + postpartum recovery

2017 dates tbd

Are you worried about those first days and weeks once you get home with your newborn? Unsure if you have everything that you need (or maybe too much stuff)? Wondering what to do when your baby cries? What does 'milk coming in' mean anyway? And do babies really need to be swaddled? How hard can it be? Are you prepared for the initial postpartum recovery period? What are your expectations for your family? 

Unravel the mysteries of newborn babies! Get valuable secrets for baby care, recovery measures and important family bonding in the postpartum period. This class will help prepare your family for a great postpartum start whether your birth takes place at the hospital, birth center or home. Swaddling, diapering, soothing, breastfeeding, developmental needs, post-partum recovery, perineum care, cesarean comfort care, postpartum doulas and more!

Your facilitator, Khefri Riley, will bring you the most current information on newborn care, and will include hands-on practice, ample reading material, discussion, and DVD's to review. Join us for a informative and explorative class to ready you for parenthood. 

Space is limited + pre-registration is a MUST

Email to be placed on a notification list for upcoming workshop date(s).

couples childbirth preparation intensive

sun. april 9th | 1:30 - 6:30pm 

[additional earlier dates may be added | email if interested]

Khefri riley, cd, clec, cpyt


The intensive class will provide an educational sanctuary for you and your partner to be well prepared and deeper connected for labor and birth. Specific tools, techniques, and current research accompanied by videos, curriculum handouts, and music will assist learning and embodiment of the methods explored. From the importance of Informed Choice and Decision Making to Active Labor and Pushing Positions, you will be ready to birth your baby!

LEARN + DO . . . 

  • Signs and Stages of Labor, Birth, Pushing and Skin on Skin Basics
  • Emotional, Physical Support Techniques and Comfort Measures
  • Medical Procedures and Interventions, Pain Medications and Options
  • The Khefri Method: Relaxation of Body & Mind, Breathing & Movement Techniques
  • Birth Plan Preparation
  • Breastfeeding and Skin on Skin at the Hospital or Home
  • The Newest Research and Handouts on Evidence Based Birth Practices

Space is limited + pre-registration is a MUST

Khefri is a childbirth and prenatal yoga specialist. She will bring you the most up to date information on current childbirth practices. With over 14 years experience as a birth doula, certified lactation counselor, certified prenatal yoga teacher, post-partum doula, infant care specialist and childbirth educator. She loves to help women and their partners prepare for birth, care for their infants, breastfeed successfully and recover holistically in the post-partum period.

prenatal special events

a preggo party | sunday, june 4th

meet the doulas | upcoming date(s) TBD


women's fertility retreat

2017 date(s) tbd

The journey to successful conception, pregnancy, and even childbirth can be very challenging, draining, and even seem hopeless for MANY women (+ couples).  BUT, you are NOT alone . . . and supplementing western (or "traditional") medicine/fertility treatments with holistic practices to nurture your body + mind really can make all the difference. 

This special Women's Fertility Retreat on Sept. 18th with Danica Thornberry (Founder of Well Women Acupuncture + Creator of The Seed Fertility Program) and Jessica Botello (Doula + Yoga Instructor) will holistically aid your fertility journey. This 5-hour workshop includes a 60-minute sensual yoga for fertility practice, teachings from The Seed Fertility Program, samples of fertile foods + related nutrition guidelines, effective fertile thoughts exercises, individual consultation + acupuncture treatment, guided meditation, and more. 

Danica Thornberry is one of the first acupuncturists in America to specialize in acupuncture for fertility, and is credited with helping over 1,000 infertile women conceive healthy babies, including 2 of her own. While working alongside the top fertility specialists in Los Angeles since 2001, Danica realized that important dietary advice and emotional healing was missing from the conventional female infertility treatments. Within the walls of her acupuncture clinic, Well Women Acupuncture, she chose to emphasize those areas specifically to create a unique patient experience and form of treatment for infertility. The results were phenomenal. In 2010 Danica created The Seed Fertility Program — to make this powerful information more accessible to women around the world. The Seed Fertility Program is a clever blend of gardening metaphors, ancient Chinese wisdom and present day spirituality; powerfully combined to teach modern women trying to get pregnant how to succeed. Danica was featured twice as an infertility specialist on Lifetime TV’s Speaking of Women’s Health. She is the recipient of the Award of Excellence in Family Building from Resolve Infertility, a nationally recognized infertility support group. For women living in Los Angeles, Danica continues to provide acupuncture to fertility patients, supporting them throughout their menstrual cycles and in every step of the IVF process. 

Jessica Botello is passionate in her work with women for empowered and embodied living.  Since 2012, Jessica has been teaching and exploring Hatha Yoga, sensual dance, and Kundalini Tantra practices with women of all life stages to enhance their quality of life and strengthen their feelings of self-worth.  Focusing on women’s fertility and perinatal wellness, Jessica’s Sensual Yoga classes answer the need for a safe and celebratory space for women to nurture their bodies and connect to their emotions free of shame, judgement, or expectation. Using the physical senses to stimulate a more present bodily experience, Sensual Yoga opens the heart, releases emotional blockages, and reconnects the body, mind, and spirit. Combining breathing techniques, gentle stretches, and postures, her classes enhance body consciousness promoting healing for fertility and conception. A nurturing and soothing presence, Jessica provides unconditional support for women through fertility, pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum. As a Dona International trained birth doula, Jessica works with families through the journey of pregnancy and childbirth.