mama workout classes

For mamas ready to sweat!  These classes are created to challenge you to push your limit, regain strength and clear + reset your mind.  


mama sculpt (0 - 4 y.o. welcome)

tues. 9:00am || fri. 10:00am (lauren)

A legit MAMA WORKOUT with your walker/toddler(s) in tow!  This 45-minute class focuses on core strength, breathing, and proper alignment using both full-range motion and isometric pulses to help quickly burn, fatigue, and sculpt the muscles using light free-weights, bands, and gravity.  You will have the opportunity to incorporate + connect with your tot in between sets with simple cardio movements. You are welcome to wear your little one (in a structured carrier), encourage them to mirror your movements, or simply let them roam free in happy baby's safe, open studio space; whatever works best for you + your child.  Please bring your yoga mat (though mats are also available for rent or purchase at the studio).

*Modifications available if you have a diastasis recti or other postpartum core strength issues; please inform the instructor at the beginning of class*

mama cardio bootcamp (0 - 4 y.o. welcome)

wed. 11:45am || sat. 9am (lauren)

A strong, cardio workout for the mama who is ready to sweat! This pre/postnatal bootcamp-inspired circuit training class focuses on building/restoring your physical strength + endurance. This 45-minute class may also include cardio bursts and muscle-trembling, strengthening circuits, ab work - all followed by a few minutes of stretching + cool down. Your pre-walking babies are welcome to just "observe" the class or you may choose to increase the intensity of your workout by wearing them in a structured carrier.  Please bring your yoga mat (though mats are also available for rent or purchase at the studio).  Mamas are encouraged to wear a supportive sports bra.  

Your babies + tots are welcome to accompany you to this class. The studio has blankets and a few baby lounge pillows for use for pre-walkers, while tots are free to safely explore the space.  You may choose to wear your baby in a structured carrier to intensify your workout.  

daddy + me bootcamp (0 - 4 y.o. welcome)

sat. 8:00am (lauren) *begins 4/27


mama mat pilates (0 - 14 mos. welcome)

stay tuned for new classes 

This class is designed to help you recover, tone and strengthen your body post birth. This full body workout focuses on strengthening the abdominals, the pelvic floor muscles, and the back. Pilates not only helps recover from delivery, but also helps you increase overall fitness. Mamas are welcome to bring their pre-walking babies to this class but this is certainly not a requirement.  Please bring your yoga mat (though mats are also available for rent or purchase at the studio). 

yoga mama classes

These classes are for the mama that needs to ease back into her workout routine or wants to compliment the more grueling workout with a restorative yoga practice.  Go at your own pace + safely regain your strength with our instructors who are trained and experienced in working with postnatal mamas.  

postnatal yoga w/ baby (0 - 14 mos.)

thurs. 11:00am (alicia)

*this class is most suited for mamas of pre-walkers


During class you will be guided through a postnatal asana practice to strengthen, tone and nurture your postnatal body, mind and soul. This is an opportunity to not only connect with your baby, but with other Mama's who are navigating their way through motherhood. You are always welcome to pause and tend to your baby as needed. They also may be choreographed in; dancing, singing or baby massage may be offered while always holding space for breath + meditation. Sometimes simply surrendering to the present moment of being- in all the newness of your journey as a Mama is the heart of the practice. Motherhood brings on transformation that is unlike no other and this class supports you, honors you and aims to create love + light along the way. Please bring your yoga mat (though mats are also available for rent or purchase at the studio). 

postnatal yoga w/ baby (0 - 14 mos.)

mon. 11:30am (jules)

*this class is most suited for mamas of pre-walkers

Postnatal yoga can often feel like a very different experience than your yoga practice did pre baby. You may feel like you're juggling so many different things while still trying to reconnect to your body. This class offers the perfect nurturing environment to allow all of those pieces to begin to come back together again. As you move  through conscious asana (poses) you are able to also stop to do whatever you need to tend to your little one. You will be able to focus on safely re-establishing your connection to your core, address posture changes + back pain + explore breath work to aid in uplifting your emotions. In this mama kula (community), coos, giggles + baby cries are part of the experience + part of every mama's new 'normal' + you may even find yourself building a closeness with others experiencing the throws of motherhood. Please bring your yoga mat (though mats are also available for rent or purchase at the studio). 

postnatal therapeutic yoga (0 - 9 mos.)

stay tuned for new classes

*this class is most suited for mamas of pre-crawlers

Led by Certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT) and Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher (RPYT) Rebecca Hackett, this class series will help establish a re-connection to your body, breath and mind after having baby.  This series includes education and check for Diastatis Recti, a breath and alignment centered yoga practice, a focus on posture in all positions & daily movements, different types of meditation and breathing practices and community support that every mama needs!  If you can make it alone, call it a victory, if you can’t, please bring your pre-crawling baby along.  

#hbYOga classes - adults only

tues. 9pm (jules) / thurs. 9pm (jessica) / sun. 11:30am (jules) /

weds. 12:45pm - women only (khefri) / mon. 7:30pm - women only fertility yoga (jessica)

baby + me music classes

baila baila con bebé (spanish music) (0 - 14 mos.)

thurs. 2:30pm (isabel)

Baila Baila is a wonderful musical creation that exposes babies to the Spanish language in a fun, engaging class. The teacher offers a total Spanish immersion experience where children experiment with textures, sounds, eye coordination and movement. Excellent bonding experience for parents and children through music.  Class is tailored to pre-walkers. 

moovin’ groovin’ world music (0 - 4 y.o.)

mon. 2pm (natalie)

Sing-along, dance-along and play-along as you learn a new language and have a blast! In these interactive Parent + Me classes, parents/caregivers + babies/tots learn delightful songs and dances that stimulate your child’s natural response to music. Learning + being exposed to new languages at this young age is such a valuable developmental gift to give to our little one. This is a world music class. You will hear music from different countries and styles! Added bonus: learn a few French songs from the Natalie's amazing bilingual children's CD available for purchase at happy baby!

happy baby jam session (0 - 4 y.o.)

tues. 5:15pm (ryan)

Parent + child jam sessions are offered for young musicians who aren't ready for formal lessons yet. These 45-minute classes are designed to expose your child to music through fun hands-on interaction with real instruments, including drums, guitars, microphones, violins, and more.

tot rock with mr. tucker (0 - 4 y.o.)

wed. 9am | thurs. 6pm | sat. 10am (tucker)

Tucker teaches an interactive "toddler + me" experience that incorporates classic folk + rock standards with imaginative voice + movement exercises. Tucker uses percussive + other musical instruments to help educate the students. Tucker also strives to inspire parents + children to dig deeper into the music he plays for them.  Most importantly, we want everyone to have fun with Mr. Tucker while deepening their appreciation for music + movement.

sing along drum circle (0 - 4 y.o.)

fri. 2pm (doug)

Join our sing along drum circle: we use shakers, tambourines, and drums while singing in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese. We drum to Samba, Samba Reggae, Reggae, and other Latin Rhythms. You are never too young to drum ... babies LOVE this class + the class time is scheduled with them in mind!