downdogs yoga 

wed. 4:45pm | 3 - 6 y.o. (jules)

Full of music, dance, silliness and, of course, tons of yoga, this class will bring both laughter and calm to your littlest yogis. They will learn basic yoga poses, songs, games, simple meditation and breathing and even learn SANKSRIT! A Downdog class will bring a giant smile to their faces and instill a sense of peace in their hearts.  Please bring your mats (though mats are also available for rent or purchase).  This is a kids only class ~ parents may drop off as long as the child is potty trained.  

family yoga

sat. 9am | all ages (jules)

Family yoga is a fun, playful, and meditative way to move together mindfully through flow sequences, as well as partner/group poses. Developmentally appropriate yoga postures (with modifications as necessary), animated breathing exercises and soothing relaxation techniques awaken the inner-child of all age participants. Laughter and love fill each class and is sure to inspire the entire family’s relationship. Adults and children of all ages and abilities welcome! Please bring a mat for each family member 4 years and up and REGISTER SEPARATELY FOR EACH MEMBER with their own mat.

hbyoga 'the mindful movement"

tues. 6:15pm | 11 - 16 y.o. (jules)

Our tweens and teens are craving to be part of a ‘movement’ and they literally need to be moving more (mindfully)! Hence, The Mindful Movement. This class will offer community time, mindfulness and yoga. It will give your ‘Linksters’ a zen break from their technology and social media overdrive as well as the stresses of school. At the same time it will foster healthy peer connections, build their physical yoga practice and develop tools using breath and meditation - ALL of which they can use both on and off the mat.

special kids workshops + camps

mother-daughter partner yoga

mother daughter partner yoga.png

wed. may 16th / 6 - 7:30pm

RELAX + LAUGH + CREATE + PLAY as you explore both the physical and emotional aspects of the unique mother+daughter bond during this very special MOTHER’S DAY Mother - Daughter Partner Yoga Workshop. Included will be playful partner yoga poses while exploring different ways to communicate and connection activities including games and a joint art+heart project. While the minimum age is 5 years old, this class is a wonderful opportunity to do something fun and healthy with your tween, teen or even adult daughter. It’s the perfect time to rediscover how dynamic and intimate your mother+daughter relationship can be!  Please use the special pricing option 'partner yoga' to register + pay for this class; it is a discounted $30 flat rate for the pair. If you wish to bring multiple children, the add-on cost is $10 per person.

private classes for kids

happy baby can make arrangements for your child and child's group of friends to take a special YOGA workshop or series. 

Minimum enrollment is 6 kids.  Email if you'd like to coordinate.  

yoga for teen athletes 

email to book this special class for your child's sports team

Yoga for TEEN athletes is focused around improving performance in your teen's sport as well as proper stretching techniques for injury prevention. Benefits of this class include increase in flexibility, balance and muscular strength and endurance.  Classes can be specially arranged to meet the needs of your child's athletic team.  Email now for details!