community hatha hbyoga


sun. 11:30am | adults only (jules)

 This ‘adults only’ yoga class is designed for anyone from our happy baby family (including pre/postnatal) as well as extending the offering to the entire community. Our belief is that happy babies build happy families and happy families build happy communities and happy communities build happy babies! It’s all connected and this class allows us to bring our friends, aunties, uncles, etc. together to create a beautiful community flow of energy and love. Mixed levels of experience are welcome and modifications to increase and decrease the level of difficulty will be offered. Let’s build our happy baby yoga family to include our given family AND our chosen family!


hbyoga night cap 

tues. 9pm | adults only (jules)

What better way to end a long day than to let your mind and body unwind? This class has a candlelit calming flow and with a restorative finish, along with some (optional) essential oils, you’ll be melted down and ready for bed.


'the mindful movement"

*available as a series only | 12 - 16 y.o. | email with interest

Our tweens and teens are craving to be part of a ‘movement’ and they literally need to be moving more (mindfully)! Hence, The Mindful Movement. This class will offer community time, mindfulness and yoga. It will give your ‘Linksters’ a zen break from their technology and social media overdrive as well as the stresses of school. At the same time it will foster healthy peer connections, build their physical yoga practice and develop tools using breath and meditation - ALL of which they can use both on and off the mat.

Fertility Yoga with Jessica Botello.png

fertility hbyoga

*available as a series only

mon. 7:30pm | adults only (jessica botello)

*please email

to register for an upcoming class series

Fertility Yoga is a women’s yoga class honoring menstruation and fertility, so that we may be “in tune with our moons” to live creative, abundant, and full lives.  In many traditions, the womb was revered as the second heart - a guiding force of wisdom and innate knowledge that over time became watered down to the notion of “trusting your gut”.  Fertility Yoga gives us an opportunity to remember the importance of our heritage, while we support and heal our physical, emotional, and mental obstacles to healthy fertility and wellness.  We will understand how yoga poses support the different phases of our cycles for reproductive health + wellness and learn how to adapt your yoga practice for your moontime. Together, in a circle of support and compassion, we will explore pranayama and meditations to ground us in our feminine bodies and trust in our inner guidance.  We will ignite our Shakti - the Sanskrit word for our feminine + sexual life force energy - to clear blocks to our energy, health, and vitality. This class is for you if you have painful periods, cysts, fibroids, or endometriosis; if you are planning or trying to have a baby; and if you are needing a deeper connection to your feminine power and creativity.