erin fagerlind

 photo credit :  Photos by Monika

photo credit : Photos by Monika

Business/intellectual property attorney turned family wellness entrepreneur.  After nearly 8 years of private practice in LA, I was ready for a professional change.  Eager to contribute both creatively, and strategically, to the development of something, I began to explore various in-house counsel opportunities.  With a baby at home (well, actually, at daycare), I realized the increasing importance of being passionate about my work because my time had suddenly become so much more precious.  After personal struggles with infertility + transitioning back into the workplace, I craved a place where I could connect with other moms facing similar challenges while also spending time with my daughter.  A place where we could exercise our bodies + nurture our minds.  A place that was close to home + accessible to full-time working moms.  This place simply didn’t exist in our local community...and so it became my dream to create it.

Jules hogan

 photo credit :  Self Image Photography

photo credit : Self Image Photography

Actress turned yoga instructor turned business owner. My 20’s were spent performing in musical theater shows + tours across the country. As I approached 30, I visited LA - certain I wouldn’t like it + would quickly find myself back in the arms of my beloved, NYC. Well, let’s just say I never left. I found myself pursuing film/television + although making strides, I wasn’t fulfilled. I suddenly realized I didn’t want to be a nanny to make ends meet outside of casting calls...not because I didn’t love children but because I LOVED children + I was desperately in tune with the tick tock of my own clock. And so, I began teaching kids yoga classes (+ kids musical theater). Within months, I was teaching full time + never returned another call from my agent. In the meantime, I immersed myself in yoga trainings, met my husband, Sidd + finally fulfilled my dream of motherhood with the birth of my son, Hawk Bodhi, in 2014. Since then, I've been teaching nearly 500 kids per week, pre/post natal yoga + hatha-based adult yoga classes; teaching feels like home to me + there’s no better way to ‘hold a room’ than by bringing wellness of mind, body and spirit to children + adults alike. Now, my 40’s bring me my second baby – happy baby! For a long time I’ve envisioned a place that focuses on yoga + wellness for the entire family + also creates a community of support. I see that in happy baby! I am truly honored that Erin asked me to become her new partner; I'm so excited to continue to nurture, grow + love this community!