mommy's helper : children + chores

While they may not be able to adequately wipe their own tush, experts insist that kids as young as two years old can help around the house. Assigning chores to preschoolers teaches responsibility and makes them feel like a contributing member of the household. Pitching in may also make them more appreciative of what others—even always-taken-for-granted mom—do for them on a daily basis.


The benefits are even more pronounced in the long run: a 25-year study at The University of Mississippi determined that people who did chores as young children were, “more likely to be well-adjusted, have better relationships with friends and family and be more successful in their careers.”

Below are some age-appropriate chores for 2-10 year olds. Do you have any to add? Please let us know in the comments.

Ages 2-3: clean up toys/books, put clothes in hamper, feed pets, dust

Ages 4-6: set table, make bed, water plants, switch laundry, sort silverware, clear table, get dressed, match socks in laundry, pull weeds

Ages 7-10: fold/put away laundry, vacuum, rake leaves, take out garbage, load/unload dishwasher, make lunches, bring in mail