vulnerability = growth

I received a beautiful review of our baby, bump + boogie class the other day and with her permission, will post it here.  It reminded me of the beauty in vulnerability.  When we are willing to be uncomfortable, we grow.  When we fight back the fear of the unknown and move forward anyway, we stretch ourselves and increase our capacity to heal + grow.  Pregnancy is the perfect example of vulnerability.  It's not exactly comfortable to grow another human inside of you ~ sometimes physically uncomfortable and often times, emotions are intensified, which, of course, increases vulnerability.  Our baby, bump, and boogie class is the perfect mix of feeling, movement, fun + community.  All things that come in handy when becoming a mother.  Here is one mother's experience of her time in Nicole's class:

Looking into the floor-to-ceiling mirrors, I saw me and a room full of other very pregnant women.  It was a sight to see.  Our hair in pony tails, our round hips squeezed into yoga pants.  We rested our hands on our pregnant bellies, shifted our feet nervously, asking ourselves, “Was this a good idea?  Do I really need to see this new, awkward body of mine trying to move in coordinated steps?”  

The tiny, former professional dance instructor turned on the music and started to move.  We followed.  We salsa’ed, we hip hopped, we did routines across the floor.  Immediately, our faces were red and sweaty, our bellies swinging left and right, up and down, around and around in “sexy” hip circles.  Deep dips in second position.  Clumsy footwork.  We shimmied our newly-enlarged chests to the beat—five, six, seven, eight.  We clasped hands and did swing moves, our bellies almost touching, our ponytails swishing.

Looking at ourselves and each other, we giggled.  Like dance class when we were little girls, there was no competition between us, no expectation of greatness.  Just pure joy in moving our bodies.  Our new, awkward ones.  Silly girls about to be silly moms.  What a beautiful sight.

-- Sarah

baby, bump + boogie is a pre + postnatal movement class incorporating dance, yoga + breathing.  Offered every Tuesday at 3:45pm.  Prenatal through age 3 are welcome.  Drop in available.