gift experiences, rather than toys, this holiday season

A ton of psychological research over the last decade has concluded that experiences offer more lasting happiness than possessions. Moreover, a number of mom sites have pointed out that since kids are typically overwhelmed by choice, less is more with toys. Too many things to play with usually result in a kid playing with nothing.

None of this info sounds new to you, right? And it all makes sense? Us too. BUT, we still spend our days weaving around naked Barbies and deserted Mega Blocks like we’re training for Ninja Warrior. So, this holiday season we are going to opt for experiences, over goods. Here are some ideas to inspire you to do the same:

  • Memberships! Aquarium, zoo, science museum, even Yogurtland works!
  • Classes! We recommend happy baby of course, but anything goes: music, dance, theater, yoga, karate, African basket weaving.
  • Tickets! Go see a play, movie, concert or sporting event.
  • Get Physical! Mini golf, bowling, skiing … did you know rollerskating has made a comeback?
  • Cook! Search for a recipe, hit the supermarket and then attempt (and maybe fail) at Pinterest-inspired baked goods together.

What ideas do you have? Please help us keep our heads above the Melissa and Doug products we are literally drowning in!