HAPPY New Year Parenting Resolutions

Even if your neighbors are jealous because you’ve literally got The Happiest Baby on the Block and your stellar “sportscasting” would make Janet Lansbury tear up, there’s always room for improvement in parenting. This year, in addition to our usual “exercise more” and “Talenti less” type resolutions, we are adding some mom-minded resolutions. Here’s what we are working on in 2018. How about you?

1.     Leave work at work—When work follows us home—even if we’re just thinking about work—we not only miss out on time with our families, we also send the message to them that they come second. Since phones and computers make disconnecting difficult…

2.     Curb screen time—If we’re going to regulate our kids, we should regulate ourselves! Do we really need to respond to every email immediately or check Beyonce’s Instagram every three minutes?

3.     Follow through—Empty threats don’t change behavior. We’re going to try to act tough even when we feel uncertain. Nobody puts mommy in the corner! Not even a toddler!

4.     Remain calm—Serenity now! Serenity now! We’re going try very hard to keep our cool when our kids reject the mac n cheese we made because the cheese looks “dotty.” We‘re hoping happy baby’s Sunday night candlight yin yoga helps on this front!

5.     Couples care—We’ve all heard about self care, but taking the time to build your bond or reignite the spark with your partner is equally important. We’re going to prioritize date nights, even if our “date” consists of bringing the baby monitor into the minivan for a few hours of Chipotle and chill.