welcome to happy baby

It is the mission of happy baby to create a safe, nurturing space for parents and children in El Segundo and the South Bay community.   A holistic approach has been designed using yoga & movement, mindfulness, music, and parenting education in a supportive, nurturing environment.  Our hope is to help parents raise happy, healthy babies, while caring for their own body and mind.


meet jules

Actress turned yoga instructor turned business owner. My 20’s were spent performing in musical theater shows + tours across the country. As I approached 30, I visited LA - certain I wouldn’t like it ... 

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meet erin

Business/intellectual property attorney turned family wellness entrepreneur.  After nearly 8 years of private practice in LA, I was ready for a professional change.  

about the studio

Once upon a time, there were two adorable babies named Charley and Declan.  Their parents took them to swim class every weekend.  They loved to swim.  Charley’s mommy and daddy, Erin and Ben, and Declan’s mommy and daddy, Brandi and Sharkey, began to hang out and became friends.  This is the story of what came next.